Consultants for the program


Start date of the program


Some activities have already begun. However, as soon as the first adequate funding is available, the TOT program will begin.


Meagasa Education (ME) staff and selected MAG members who have undergone the TOT program will facilitate the training sessions. Staff include:

  • Dr. Frank Odoom -  mathematician and actuary,
  • Dr. K. B. Afewu   -  mathematician and engineer,
  • Dr. Ben Gordor   -  mathematician and statistician,
  • Mr. Patrick Nutor -  mathematician & computer scientist.

Evaluation of the program


Concluding remarks


There are many challenges involved in the pursuit of promoting the use of mathematics for national education and development. I hope the contribution of ideas and funds from many well-wishers, & the commitment of MathNED and MAG, will make it succeed. I anticipate your contributions generously, in terms of comments, cash and kind.

There will be review of the program every two years and progress report written.