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English & Mathematics:
Mr. Africanus Owusu Ansah should be highly commended for publicly championing the case for the proper use of the English Language in society (especially by the youth) and its important role in determining the success or otherwise of many people in careers they might want to... Read article>>


Mathematics Road Show:
From my experience having taught mathematics and mathematics education, I have come to belief that the proper methods of mathematics can propel Ghana into a... Read article>>


Valentine, Chocolate and Mathematics:
Can the three co-exist on the same day?... Read article >>


What is PAMO?
PAMO stands for Pan African Mathematics Olympiad and is organized yearly in various African countries with the following goals:
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Need to Sustain Momentum
Recently, MathNED initiated a program to revamp and rekindle interest in mathematics education in Ghana. Part of the program, a MathNED Mathematics Road Show, involves traveling to schools around the country and giving talks on...
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Japan's Mathematics Professor, Jin Akiyama, Visits:

MathNED, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Science and Sports (MESS) and Ghana Education Service (GES), invited Prof. Jin Akiyama from Tokai University, Japan, to deliver a series of lectures on Connecting Mathematics To Real Life at ... Read article >>

Formation of Ghana Mathematics Society (GMS)
As part of MathNEDís efforts to revamp mathematics education in Ghana, Professor S. E. Anku, Founder and Executive Director of MathNED, Professor I. K. Dontwi, Head of Mathematics Department of KNUST, Dr. Adu Gyamfi, Head of Mathematics Department of UG, and Professor B. A. Eshun of Read article >>

Mathematics Association for Students Inaugurated
A new mathematics association for students in Ghana, the Mathematical Community of Ghana (MACOG), was inaugurated recently in KNUST by Professor Jin Akiyama of Tokai University, Tokyo...Read article >>



Reforming University Education: Some Thoughts:
Embracing Innovative Responses To Challenges In Mathematics Instruction...
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Will Ghana Be Ready For TIMSS 2007?
Ghana participated in TIMSS 2003 and we all know the results were embarrassing. There is TIMSS 2007 around the corner and information is that Ghana will be...
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Wake Up Mathematical Association of Ghana!
I hope most Ghanaians are now aware of our students' poor performance in mathematics as evidenced by the results of Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), which was..
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Towards a Modern and Professional Police Service
When you read the papers these days, you have mixed feelings. On one hand, there are many reports of trigger-happy police personnel killing innocent people and you feel ...
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