Small Steps:

To get many students interested in and attracted to mathematics, these students need to see its relevance to their daily lives and have fun studying it.  This is the other area of focus for Math NED. In fact, Math NED envisages the extension of all mathematical ideas to a national education program that would guide Ghana 's national development. So far, there have been six demonstration lessons at two centers, three at Sakumono School Complex in Tema, and the other three at Workers College in Accra .


The lessons were on the pi and area for junior and senior secondary schools combined, matrices for tertiary level students, and sets for parents and workers. The emphasis was on active participation of the students in making sense of the concepts and applications to real life. There was extensive media coverage and television broadcast of the lessons.


Letters have been sent to all members of the Mathematical Association of Ghana (MAG) through their National Chairman requiring them to initiate the setting up of Mathematics Clubs in their various schools by the end of January 2004. They should set aside one hour a week to get the club members to read (as a storybook ) and make sense of their mathematics textbooks under the guidance of a mathematics teacher.


While MAG members are busy with the formation of mathematics clubs nationwide, Math NED has adopted two schools in a rural setting within which a full range of Math NED activities will be implemented on a pilot basis. These schools are Vakpo Secondary School and Vakpo Secondary Technical School , in the Volta Region of Ghana. On the 4th of December 2003 , Founder and Executive Director of Math NED talked to the students of the two schools about Math NED


Among many of the activities planned for the schools are the setting up mathematics clubs, mathematics quiz competitions, and the creation of mathematics laboratories. Eventually, these activities will be extended to all other schools in the town. Ultimately, a fully networked Math NED Center , with internet connectivity, will be built for promoting the appreciation of mathematics. It should be worthy of note that the schools were adopted upon a request from the paramount chief of the town where the schools are found. This illustrates the community's interest in the whole program.


In fact, requests have started coming in from the regions of Ghana for Math NED activities to be introduced to MAG members in those regions. Eastern Region had a mathematics workshop in Koforidua on the 24 th of February 2004 while the Greater Accra Region had its mathematics workshop in Accra on the 26 th of February 2004 . Furthermore, the two adopted schools in the Volta Region invited Math NED to grace their outdoor mathematics activities in Vakpo on the 28 th of February 2004 . Indeed, the fire has been lit!