Top-down Indiscipline

There is so much talk about indiscipline in our society and its devastating effects on the moral fiber of the country. The general expectation is that the elders, the more educated, and the well-placed in society should be exemplars as far as disciplinary behaviors are concerned. However, this is not the case in Ghana. Those mentioned above seem to be the worse offenders and they perpetuate indiscipline to the highest degree.

According to the front page story of the Daily Graphic of 11th November 2008 on the second presidential debate in Tamale, those who attended were “dignitaries from the countries political spectrum”. What I saw was appalling! In between segments when the dignitaries were to take a break of 3 minutes, it took 4 or more extra minutes and constant reminder from the moderators for people to sit down. We should not let this pass by as insignificant. It shows how deep- rooted and high up indiscipline is in our society.

For a break of 3 minutes, disciplined people must start sitting down, without prompting, after 2 ˝ minutes so that the programme could resume after 3 minutes. May be the crusade on indiscipline will have to start with the “dignitaries” in society. How can we achieve results if the propagators and implementers of the crusade are the culprits?

-Prof. S.E. Anku
President, Ghana Mathematics Society

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