Satellites’ Victory: the mathematical, spiritual, and social dimensions

How can less be more? This question has been asked several times during discussions on the sale of GT to Vodafone and its review. The victory of the Satellites over Brazil answers that mathematical “paradox”. In a beauty contest, the winner is adjudged to have the “most” of beauty, whatever that is. In boxing, the winner is adjudged to have “more” of the fighting prowess. Similarly, in a soccer match, the winner is the one who scores more goals. In each of the given situations, the contestants are given equal platforms to win and the winner has more of whatever the yardstick is for deciding the winner. In soccer, the equal platform is that all teams start with eleven players. So, if one team is reduced to 10 players, it has less of what it takes to win, but when that team wins, then it has more of what it takes to win. So, less can be more!!! And for the Satellites, less became more in terms of perseverance, commitment, and can-do attitude.

Spiritually, the red card was the needed sacrifice that necessitated a divine intervention of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to play on the side of Ghana. So, spiritually, Satellites played 13 against 11 of Brazil. And anytime there is lack, the Three-in-one intervenes to provide our daily need, the victory in this case. What we should understand as Ghanaians is that there is lack in our education, economy, health, spiritual life, and the rest and that the Three-in-one is always around to intervene to make us adequate, that is winners.

On the social dimension, the common question is “what lessons have we learnt?” My answer is no lessons, really. To me, the victory rather goes to buttress the point I have been making all the time in the numerous articles I write. That is we can make it on our own. We can win a world cap with our own Ghanaian born coach. I remember he was dismissed as not ready for the Blackstars when he offered to coach them. We can fix our own economy; we don’t need World Bank or IMF experts. Where were they when the credit crunch struck? We can fix our own education. We can fix our own food problems. We can fix our own transportation problems. We can fix our own unemployment blues. We can fix our poverty. And so on, and so on, and so on… When are we going to trust our own? And when will our own be proactive and rise up to the challenges of providing a comfortable life to our own? Just remember the Three-in-one is waiting on us to allow him to intervene. Let’s act in faith! Congratulations, Black Satellites! You were able to extract tears from my eyes.

-Prof. S.E. Anku
President, Ghana Mathematics Society

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