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- (Fifty percent plus one does not exist):

There would have been no problem if Daasebre Oti Boateng’s claim is limited to “50% plus one” does not exist within the constitution of Ghana as a criterion for deciding a winner in a presidential... Read article>>


Mathematics Time Bomb
In the Daily Graphic of 26th March 2009 was the report that over 135,000 students had failed in the WASSCE 2008 mathematics. Where are these students? Many have failed before them, and many are going to fail this year! Do we have to  ... Read article>>


Ministerial Business Plans
To address the issue of appointments of ministers, chief directors, chief executives and board chairmen of public institutions, we must introduce something innovative... Read article >>


Black Satellites Victory
How can less be more?  The victory of the Satellites over Brazil answers that mathematical “paradox”. In a beauty contest, the winner is...
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Top-Down Indiscipline
There is so much talk about indiscipline in our society and its devastating effects on the moral fiber of the country. The general expectation is that the elders, the more educated, and the well-placed in society should be exemplars as far as ...
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