Business Plan

To address the issue of appointments of ministers, chief directors, chief executives and board chairmen of public institutions, we must introduce something innovative. Take the case of ministry of education as an example. The government nominates one person and any other Ghanaian can apply as the second candidate for the position. The two must submit a detailed business plan showing how they want to move the ministry from where it is to where they want it to be during their tenure of office.

The two will take turns to defend their business plans before a panel of experts who will then recommend to government who should get the post. This way, a successful chief farmer can become the minister of agriculture. The appointee will then enter into a contract with government to deliver as specified in the business plan or be fired for poor performance or for not meeting targets specified in the business plan. The overarching criteria for appointment must be competence, integrity, and applicability of business plan.

If we want to be like Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea, we better break the cycle of cronyism, ethnicity, party affiliation, and the like to focus on developing Ghana by using people of competence, integrity and commitment, those who believe that it can be done and get the work done. You preached change and we want change, not just for the sake of change, but meaningful change that can bring fast and sustainable development to Ghana. Do not be afraid to be innovative and different.

Focus on God and there are many well-meaning Ghanaians ready to sacrifice to help you succeed. This business plan idea must be extended to all categories of positions mentioned above and others that might be necessary. Remember that whoever gets appointed this way must be well paid and provided with all needed tools to deliver.

-Prof. S.E. Anku
President, Ghana Mathematics Society

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